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30 inch double wall oven

Indirect Heat

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So, my double wall oven died a horrible death. The fan was already hideously loud, the top oven had stopped working, and while opening up the panel to do current tests, I shorted out the control panel. Replacement parts are about 50% the cost of a new oven, so I'm thinking about getting new ovens. I don't need anything fancy, just reliable temperature, quiet fan and overall durability. I bake bread twice a week, and otherwise bale or roast something once or twice a week, so it can't be just a pretty appliance,

Sadly, Consumer Reports does not review double ovens. Does anyone have a brand and model that fits the bill?

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We just replaced our 30" double ovens and it was quite the challenge!

The dead ones were top-of-the-line of the GE brand... convection and all the bells/whistles. They were 15 years old and we'd had trouble with them from the get-go.

I wanted just basic ovens, but with self-clean on both (if possible). Other than that, I didn't care if I had convection again (loved it, but could live without). Budget was MUCH more a priority this time around.

The problem we hit was finding ovens that would fit our existing cut-out and not require remodeling of the cabinets, and did not cost $3k+. It took me six months to find them!

We wound up going with GE again, because we really had no choice. The ones we got were internet-only at several places. But, our local Home Depot had them in the warehouse.

Second problem was, none of the big-box stores that sold these ovens would install them. So, we had to find a handy-man to help DH do it. It wasn't hard, but did require some fiddling, as they had to take the old ones out and have them ready for haul-off, then be ready to install the new ones once they were delivered.

Granted, we live in the BOONIES and our options are limited. But, I searched every website for every brand.

Oh, and do download the .PDF installation guides to check dimensions. I found several of the websites to be inaccurate, including for the ones we bought. I would've passed them by, had I not looked at the .PDF and realized the website dimensions were wrong.

After all that, we're quite happy with our ovens, so far. I've done a lot of baking and roasting over the holidays and everything has come out great. The temps are reliable. I don't really like the way the digital controls are setup, but can live with them, I think.

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