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ISO of Sat. night place to go with my elderly parents


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Help! I'm looking for a place to go with my parents, who are in good health but, you know, are older and not up for someplace sceney or loud--my father in particular has real hearing problems, and if the place is noisy, he won't even try to be in the conversation. The other catch is that my mom doesn't want anything <too> expensive, which knocks out lots of the lush, quiet spots. Places I've considered: Dovetail (which honestly looks kind of crazy expensive to me), Gramercy Tavern, A Voce Columbus Circle. Oh, and the other other catch is that they are not remotely adventurous eaters, so we're talking Italian, French, or new American. I realize Saturday night poses challenges of its own, but I'm thinking as long as I have a reservation somewhere, I can ask to be put on a wait list if there's a restaurant we think is ideal.


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