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McDonald's 2013–

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as we all know , MDC is having its problems :




they don't listen to me , i.e. Melt the Cheese !


so they sent me coupons in this weeks Bulk USPS circular pack.


Having an Eagle's eye for  ' deals ' there are 7 coupons for breakfast items and only one for a Mac.  plus all sorts of other junk.


new here are the Biscuits and the McGriddles.


has anyone tried these ?  on the dry side ?


I may have to take a few Hits for the Team.

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Biscuits can be a little dry at times. But not the McGriddles. The McGriddle "buns" are slightly sweetened and are also either buttered or just come moist. I like the sweet & salty combination in the McGriddle (I usually opt for the Bacon McGriddle).


I think I received the same McD's coupons. What's interesting is that they're even sending them out in the first place. They never used to send out coupons. They must be hurting. Some online articles I've read suggest that, across the board, people are eating out less due to pricing (especially at lunch). Which doesn't bode well for McD's.

“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

– From Fox TV’s “Family Guy”

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On 9/13/2016 at 11:29 PM, huiray said:


I've been sampling the "2 McPicks for $5" at a few places in my area, devoting it to just the Filet-o-Fish. Not bad. But, as has been mentioned, the slice of American cheese has shrunk to approximately a quarter-slice. Regrettable. Still, in most places it is "melted in" insofar as *that* goes. :-) Some places give what *seems* like a little bit more cheese, but overall they aren't THAT substantially different from place to place - but some places do do it just slightly better than others. I have a couple places that I will be returning to for more. The pics below do not account for all theF-o-F's I've had. A couple places had me wishing for a 3rd F-o-F after I had eaten the second one. Nowhere served me a F-o-F with a quart of tartar sauce; in fact, I would have asked for more if I had been ordering one of these at some other time - and being charged for the "more" nowadays, of course, whereas in years past there was no extra charge.


A sampling of F-o-F sandwiches from three places:




#2; and #3 with the bottom bun peeled back (& torn) to show the"melted-in cheese".



I had my annual FoF last week. I could only get through half of it.


But there was not the surfeit of tartar sauce I remembered.


Don't ask. Eat it.


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I used to get 2 McD's coupon offers / year.


this is the third this year.  it has a heavy emphasis on breakfast items   and " All Day etc "


the WSJ and NYTimes in their financial  analysis suggest that the All Day Breakfast is keeping McD afloat.


more or less


the franchises don't like this as the breakfast items are not very profitable.


personally  some profit might be better than no profit.


now if the Dummies learned to melt the cheese ........................................


I bring all the stuff i  ***  study **** home and micro it for that reason.


since nothing is ' crispy ' there , this is an improvement.

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