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Chicago Butcher

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I'm at my parent's for the holidays, and have been unable to continue my ridiculous tradition of flyning from NYC with a dry-aged roast in a cooler in the belly of the plane.

It will be a small crowd for xmas this year and I'm thinking about lamb racks.

Who would have something really good? Preferablly not too far from downtown or the Lincoln Park area?

I've been browsing Yelp but don't find too many trust-inspiring reviews.

Paulina meat market looks good, but is stratospherically expensive (the lamb there costs about double the wholesale price of lamb from the best couple of farms in the country) so I worry that all the money goes to the boutiquiness of the place.

I would love a no-nonsense place that sells great quality meat, ideally from some identifiable farm that whose reputation I can check out (I realize this last bit may be asking too much).


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Certainly, Costco and Whole Foods have some remarkable meats. If you are looking for a smaller butcher, maybe consider Gepperths at 1964 N Halsted. Two other companies who wholesale, but will sell to the public are Chicago Game and Gourmet as well as Chiappetti's Lamb and Veal, both of which are located in Bridgeport near Pershing Road and Halsted, only doors away from the original Chicago Stockyards. For those two, call ahead because they do not operate traditional storefronts and they may only accept cash.

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You want The Butcher & Larder. Call ahead.

1026 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL 60642

Tel: (773) 687-8280

^ What he said ^ :smile:

...especially if you don't want to venture too far from the city.

If distance is no object, contact Dave Zier @ Zier's Prime Meats in Wilmette. It's about 15 miles north of Lincoln Park but well worth the trip.

You might also want to check with Joseph's Finest Meats, where I'd suggest calling in advance.

Zier's Prime Meats

813 Ridge Rd

Wilmette, IL 60091

847 251-4000

Joseph's Finest Meats

7101 West Addison Street

Chicago, IL 60634-3623

773 736-3766


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"I would love a no-nonsense place that sells great quality meat, ideally from some identifiable farm that whose reputation I can check out (I realize this last bit may be asking too much)."

That type of place just doesn't exist.

No-nonsense places purchase meat from Packing Houses who purchase from no-nonsense large farms, What do you want, I can't determine from your

Post whether beef or lamb?

Certainly Ziers's or Joseph's will fill the bill on a Prime Rib but time is short and will empty your wallet. For good lamb prices and excellent quality plus reasonable prices I can recommend Spartan Bros 7140 N Harlem but again time is short.

We also get our lamb from Pinn-Oaks farms here in Wisconsin and they do make restaurant deliveries but at this time, you just have to call. The lamb from Spartan is just as good but without the boutique reputation of Pinn-Oaks. Good luck.-Dick

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