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Lamb Roast

Obese-Wan Kenobi

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Was at a friends cattle and lamb farm last weekend for a birthday party. We were going to spit roast a 20kg. lamb. Took some pictures for egulleters.

Hope you enjoy.


The lamb corral. One of many. There are three thousand heads in this 50 hectare farm.


Raising South African bloodlines of Dorper and Damara. Very good meat!


Post slaughter, just packing it up and taking it home.



What a beautiful carcass!


Spit roasted.


Four hours after... Looking really good. Skin crackling and getting crispy.


Dinner is served. Start the timer. 0 seconds.



This should be called "Pulled Lamb." Just needed a spoon and fork to strip the neck.


Stop timer. Gone in 300 seconds. Total feed: 24. We still have leftovers.

Thanks! :)

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Funny seeing the dorpers having just spent time in merino country, where they shake their heads and tsk tsk slightly at any non-merinos! Where is the property located? And I assume it's a fattening operation rather than a breeding one?

It looks like lovely meat. What were the herbs stuffed in the carcass?

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Umm, only if you think it's bad to surprise a country bumpkin like yours truly. But really... corn-fed sheep ? Whatever next !

I was thinking about asking serious questions like how the flavour differs, but it's a national holiday here and acting foolish will be my highest level of function, at least till midnight.

QUIET!  People are trying to pontificate.

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Huh? :) Sorry, I don't understand.

As to flavor, to me the main difference is the "no gamey" taste. It maybe the breed or the feed, I don't know. But I liked the way it does not smell or taste gamey. But some people like the gamey so it's matter of preference.

By corn, I mean the whole corn plant not corn on the cob. The leaves, the stalks, flowers and the kernels. It's still plant material and roughage. You may be thinking it's pure corn kernels?


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