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Jacques Pepin's Japanese knife is a .... ?


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I enjoy watching fine chefs work and pick up a lot of subtle technique that way. I also like to see the stuff they use (discounting the stuff they sponsor)

in in JP's "Essential" series


you can see it here if not on PBS

in the third ep. he using a japanese knife. I cant quite tell which it is. Id love to know. its one Ive seen around.

of note his very nice daughter still needs to review her technique. the grand-daughter has potential though.

so if you are a Japanese knife Guru, see if you can tell

its on his cutting board while he is making the tart tatin, which he uses it for cutting the apples.

there will be a "congratulations" as your prize.


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definitely a shun ,the end credits listed shun cutlery.

It seems like a shun classic chefs knife , although it could be the western cooks knife. At 13:18 of the vid it just about breaks my heart when he uses it to cut on the plate.

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It looks like a Shun to me also. I tried the Shun santoku knife but found it was way too butt heavy for me. It was all handle and no blade. I went to Korin's store in NYC and they helped me pick out Togiharu Hammered Texture Damascus Santoku It is a relatively inexpensive knife that will last a lifetime. I also bought a two-sided sharpening stone and a stone fixer. I watched their tutorial on how to sharpen a knife and learned a lot. A visit to their site is worthwhile if you can't make it to their store.

I have no relationship with Korin and am simply a satisfied customer passing along my experience.

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