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Plunger Cutters on Chocolate

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has tried these with chocolate?


If so, how did you use them? I imagine spreading a thin layer of chocolate on cellophane, waiting for it to cool a bit and pressing these into it? Would it work you think?

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I think you'd have an awful lot of trouble with them on chocolate. They were designed to use on gumpaste, fondant or modeling chocolate. The chocolate would just get stuck inside the cutter and the action of the veiner wouldn't work because the chocolate is semi-set when you cut it. You're better off using leaf shaped candy molds than going through the hassle of using a cutter and risking so much breakage.

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I was thinking the idea would be similar to making chocolate curls. But I see the problem of getting them out of the cutter.

Would something like this stuff work?


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