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Iwatani blowtorch–help with Japanese instructions


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I brought an Iwatani blowtorch from Japan, and obviously it came with Japanese instructions.

I know that they suggest to use it with Iwatani gas canisters only (I am doing that) and I figured out how to fix it to che canister, regulate the flame ecc ecc.

But I was wondering whether any Japanese speaker person could double check the photos below and confirm that there is nothing I should worry about apart from the usual don't catch fire using it please :P




Thanks a lot for any help!

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I use a blowtorch quire often in cooking. I there is little difference in gases, other than the gas type (Butane or Propane); I prefer Butane, but that is just me. All you need to do is turn on the gas and light it. Your torch may have a To practice, try frying an egg sunny side up and use the torch to quickly cook the top - sort of like easy over without the "over."

Have fun.

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