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London Recommendation


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Hey Guys,

Taking my girlfriend to London in the Middle of November for a romantic trip which was unfortunately forced to booked with not a lot of time to arrange a nice restaurant. Our first pick was Le Gavroche but this is fully booked, second was DINNER but again.... fully booked.

So i am asking for a alternative which is a high class place, but she loved desserts and sweets so good and large desserts are a must oh and a good pick petit fours would be even better as for really looks for them in places we have been. Currently Le Champignon Sauvage sits highest for her Petit Four obsession...

If anyone has any idea i would be very grateful.


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I think desserts in high end places are much of a muchness. Off the top of my head I can't think of a single dessert dish in London, at least in a posh place, that would justify a trip to the restaurant all and of itself.

I would suggest an old fashioned dessert trolley but I can't for the life of me think of anywhere that still does it! A properly done dessert trolley is always a treat.

Pollen Street Social is probably a good bet given they have the whole dessert bar schtick... But need to book fast.

Sketch Lecture Room does the whole Pierre Gagnaire Grand Dessert thing (lots of mini desserts), but is stinkingly expensive in evening (the tasting menus is probably the most economical option but still price).

Gordon Ramsay at RHR does a similar composite dessert (Assiete De L'Aubergine for two).

Alain Ducasse at the Dorch is worth considering too. For a three star the three course is very reasonable and you do get a cascade of sweets. As well as pre-desserts and dessert (rum baba?) they have an excellent mignardaises trolley at the end. In the evenings ladies also get given an iced bun or suchlike as a send-off.

A final option could be to go somewhere and then pop round the corner to a specialist place for one (more more) desserts. Perhaps Hibiscus then Sketch Parlour, or The Capital/Laduree Harrods, Rousillon/William Curley. This is easier to pull off a lunch as dessert bars don't open that late. I know Hibiscus and Capital do lunch on a Saturday.



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I will second Jon Tseng's recommendation of considering doing dessert separately. I did the 3-course dessert menu at William Curley last Christmas season, and it was excellent, although you do need to note the time (unless it's a special event, Curley stops taking orders at the Dessert Bar at 5pm)

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Thats for all the help guys!! just booked Pied a Terre :), sounds quite nice!

Thanks very much Jon as well for the long post, we are going to William Curley's for lunch before the meal.... think we might be rolling home that evening.

Only issue is they only had space @ 6pm and the table has to be back by 8:45 so that could be pushing to fit the whole tasting menu in.

Thanks again.

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