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Producing mass amounts of pudding in low cost setup?


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Anybody care to help me out on what is the fastest way to produce more than 1000-4000 filled plastic containers of pudding in a day?? And is able to produce it at a relatively short time using the most minimum of equipments, will a steamer help speed up the process??able to produce while other workers are busy attending to customers

First, i have to mix the powder and liquid in a big metal container, however here comes the difficult part,

how do i heat mass amounts of mixture so that i can be able to add agar/lactone to coagulate it and then place it to individual containers to be ready to be sold to customers ..

i was thinking of putting the mixture into the plastic containers and steam them(additional cost of a steamer), and then while its hot, add the agar and wait for it to cool and chill them. does this make any sense??

i cant possibly heat the big metal container as i will place it on the floor.

the setup of the shop is relatively sparse , and assuming if there is no gas burner is it possible?? is a steamer more effective than a burner to heat the mixture? will an electric kettle do the trick??

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This sounds like an enterprise I would outsource to someone who already has the necessary equipment, and then be there to monitor quality control on my recipe.


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