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Piccatta, chicken or veal

Kouign Aman

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I tried making a version of this last night

with a recipe that called for

1 c chicken stock,

1/2 c wine (used sauvignon blanc, worried it was too sweet, but turned out not a problem)

2 T lemon juice

1/2 lb sliced mushrooms.

2 chicken breasts

garnished w capers and tiny bits of preserved lemon

While I liked it ok, it was all about sour. There was no subtlety, and no other flavors.

Even the salty bits of caper and preserved lemon couldnt push thru the sour.

The mushrooms? Sour sponges.

I like the idea of chicken (or veal) piccata, but obviously need a better recipe.

most of those I looked at werent different enough to expect markedly different results. In fact, I chose this one because I thought the mushrooms would provide something extra.

What's in a good piccata recipe? Proportions? Suggestions? (Garlic? Onions?)

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"You dont know everything in the world! You just know how to read!" -an ah-hah! moment for 6-yr old Miss O.

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I've made a lot of chicken/veal piccata through the years. Have had best luck with this one:

Chicken Piccata

But then, we like it good and lemony, so I don't know...

You might like chicken with a raphael sauce more. The artichoke hearts make it taste kind of lemony, but not so much.

Chicken Raphael

I don't understand why rappers have to hunch over while they stomp around the stage hollering.  It hurts my back to watch them. On the other hand, I've been thinking that perhaps I should start a rap group here at the Old Folks' Home.  Most of us already walk like that.

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The lemon-y sauce needs to be balanced by butter and jus from the meat--broth won't give you the flavor or body that you need. The chicken/veal should be very thinly sliced so that it cooks quickly and browns lightly, at which point the butter will be lightly browned too (though not to the point of beurre noisette). Remove the meat, deglaze with the wine and lemon, reduce a bit, and add capers to finish. Return the meat to the pan to warm and coat with the sauce.

It's been a while since I've made it, but it's a classic, very easy and very good.

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My Piccata is pretty simple.

2 good sized FRENCH shallots, chopped.

1/2 bottle of small capers (very important)drained

bottle of cheap white (I have settled on Liberty Creek Chard)

1.25 sticks of butter

1 cup of chicken broth

Juice from one lemon

@2 TBSP of flour

I brown the shallots on medium lo with .25 stick of butter.

When they are close to being browned introduce the capers.

As they finish add the flour in slowly. You may need to add more butter, slightly.

let them cook together for several minutes.

Slowly add some wine. It should get thick then thinned and keep adding a little at a time, like half a glass.

After adding some wine I add the rest of the butter.

When the butter is melted in, I add half of the chicken broth.

Then I add in the lemon juice.

I make sure that the sauce is thick enough, as it gets pasty, I add ingredients. I never like to see it get too loose, either.

Add the second half of the broth.

Keep adding wine, I usually use 1/3 to 1/2 bottle.

For the chicken:

I love Empire chicken breasts

I buy one package @ 1lb

I pound it thin as I can

Then I drain with whole milk

Dredge with 1 Cup Flour, some Salt, garlic Powder (I sprinkle until I think it is enough)and less black pepper.

I then saute with butter.

When the chicken is cooked, I add some fresh wine to the pan and flip the chicken over.

My wife states that we cannot go out and have a better meal (I know better, but...)

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Awesome, thanks!

I see consistencies here:

butter, dredging the chicken with flour.

These were not part of last night's dish, which used olive oil, and chicken breasts made very thin, but not floured.

This gives me hope and I shall try again. Thank you!

Do you suppose it would be a crime to add some browned garlic? Or would I have to rename the dish then?

And Thanks for the other recipe too, Jaymes, because that sounds lovely.

Rodi, what a lovely thing for your wife to say!

"You dont know everything in the world! You just know how to read!" -an ah-hah! moment for 6-yr old Miss O.

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