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Vanilla baking chips


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Does anybody know where to get vanilla baking chips? I found a recipe called "kitchen sink cookies" on allrecipes.com and have looked in several places but can't find them. Most people think I mean white chocolate and at first I though maybe the recipe author meant that, but she mentions them in more than one place. I even went to a cookie specialty store that sells nothing but cookie cutters, decorating supplies, etc. and she didn't know. The site isn't set up so you can message another member. From the looks of the reviews, people just wildly improvised with this recipe, making all kinds of substitutions according to their whims, anyway, and that's probably what I'll end up doing, but I'd like to get the vanilla chips if I can. None of the reviewers mentioned the difficulty of obtaining vanilla chips.

I'm expanding my cookie repetoire, which was always pretty big, because I go to blues dances on Thursday nights and they let me in free if I bring food. So far one of the best new ones I've tried is triple chocolate chip from the Williams -Sonoma baking cookbook, which my cousin gave me for Christmas.

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