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High-End-Dining in Florida needed...


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Hello all,

a friend of mine, who is a chef, will be in Florida for his honeymoon. They will be in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Key West (maybe Orlando as well).

Some friends want to present them with great night at a great restaurant.

Can anyone give some recommendations? "Problem" is: the 2 are head chefs in a european 2-michelin-star-restaurant that serves a pretty modern cuisine. So their standards are kind of high...

But something with a "unique" concept would be great as well. (Or a really great steakhouse)

Thanks alot!



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I love rodizio, and one of the best rodizio restaurants I've ever been to in my life (and I've been to Brazil and eaten at high end places there, entertained by corporate hosts) is in Miami Beach. Texas de Brazil, Miami Beach, FL -- I know it is a chain, but it is a really good one. About $75/person with drinks and tip.

Of course, Joe's Stone Crab 11 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139-7395, which is one of those legendary places that might be a bit oversold, except during stone crab season.

A really great steak house? Like arguably world class, arguably the world's best?

Too bad he is not going as far as Tampa (which, depending on how you drive, could be on the way from Orlando to anywhere - and I'd drive more than 100 miles out of my way to go to Bern's Steak House, about $200-$400 on up per person for entrees and dessert. Well worth it - I just looked at their online menu and noted that they have raised the price on the largest porterhouse to $136, and there is not another steak I'd order, thoroughly aged, just a wonderful piece of beef. Always plan on the dessert room, always take the kitchen tour. This place is arguably the best steak place in the world, and they have a complete menu of things like caviars and such that, well, you can pay more than I mentioned for the caviar, I am assuming you are going to stay at the bottom end. Plan on 12% service plus 20% tip as well.

I'm sure you'll get other answers, but these are just some suggestions.

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