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Mr. Kim is Going to Ireland!

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Everyone was so wonderful and helpful before our England trip, that I'm hoping to get Mr. Kim a few tips for his upcoming Ireland trip. He'll be traveling with his mother, brother and sister. All of them like most everything - the unpickiest people I know. They like to eat healthily, but a splurge isn't bad, either. I'll give their basic intinerary and if you have some ideas, they would very much appreciate it. I'll give the hotel, too, so that you will know what area they will be in (they will have a car):

Friday, 8/5: Galway - Pillo Hotel & Spa

Saturday, 8/6: Shannon - Carrygerry Country House Hotel

Sunday, 8/7: Dingle - The Lantern Townhouse B&B

Monday, 8/8: Waterville, County Kerry - Butler Arms Hotel

Tuesday, 8/9: Kilkenny - Kilkenny River Court Hotel

Wednesday & Thursday, 8/10 & 8/11: Dublin - Brooks Hotel

I'm thinking that they will need all meals - maybe places that put together picnics, if there is such a thing, or good stores to buy such things. Really anything that will help make the trip more enjoyable and tasty! None of them have ever been to Ireland. Thanks so much!

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I wish I could help, and I hope they all have a great time, but I need to know why the heck YOU aren't going????

:laugh::laugh::laugh: While I would love to go to Ireland, I wouldn't go on this one on a BET. They are already getting on each other's nerves. This trip is to celebrate her 70th birthday and to help her do a little genealogical research.

There are a lot of places on that list that I know nothing about, but I'll certainly be able to come up with some Dublin recommendations. Much like Arnie, I'll be back!

Great, Simon - thank you so much.

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Too bad they arent going to Cork. I had a great meal there at a Gourmet Vegetarian restaurant. I can't remember the name though, but again, this was 1996 so good chance its not there any longer.

I'm 99% sure you are talking about Cafe Paradiso. It is an awesome restaurant. My wife and I occasionally joke about going back to Cork just to have dinner there.

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We had two excellent dinners last month in Dublin--one at Hugo's and the other at the Winding Stair. However, the most memorable single dish I ate in the city was during lunch at the unprepossessing Czech Inn. I opted for a pork hock item and annoyed my dining companions terribly by telling them countless times both during and after the meal how good it was.

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If they can pick up a picnic lunch before they leave Waterville, they should stop at Gougane Barra on the way to Kilkenny and picnic there. It was the site of St Finbar's (patron saint of Cork) 6th century monastery. Now a small chapel is located on the island in the lake (small causeway connects to island). Picturesque is an understatement. Just off the R584 on the way to Macroom.

Or, they might want to swing through Cork for lunch, on their way to Kilkenny. The English Market is totally fun foodie exploring!



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I nearly forgot about this thread, sorry about that!

I can't really help with most of the non-Dublin locations you mentioned. I used to like Nimmo's in Galway (linky) many moons ago, but I haven't been there in so long I probably shouldn't recommend it. Still, I suspect it's still pretty good.

As regards Dublin, I'm going to be completely lazy and send you to an earlier

thread. My recommendations haven't changed much if at all. I'd definitely recommend taking the Dart south the Dun Laoghaire and eating in Alexis, preferably for dinner but lunch is great too. Mr. Kim will be made very welcome I'm sure!

Sorry I can't help with the other places. Hope he enjoys his trip.

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Well, Mr. Kim is back and thanks all of you for the information. They went to exactly NONE of the places recommended in this or the other thread. Suffice to say that it was an utterly bizarre trip - two EXTREMELY controlling people called all of the shots. They were oddly averse to going anywhere that was recommended by my connections, no matter what he said. He ended up just sitting in the car with the GPS in his lap - navigating and enjoying the scenery, at least. VERY glad I didn't go - I suspected as much.

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Yikes, Kim, what a nightmare for Mr. Kim. Although his 'rents put the kibbosh on everything, I hope he , at least, got a couple of decent pub lunches and some good beer. That's the least one gives the navigator.

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