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Austin Invades Anvil

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So this is a little bit of shameless plug, and I'm annoyed that I didn't think to post this here sooner, but here goes:

Today, July 3rd, for one night only, Houstonians will have the unique opportunity to sample some of the offerings of five of Austin's most talented cocktail bartenders (I'll be there too). We're taking over Anvil Bar & Refuge (1424 Westheimer) for the evening so that the staff can attend the nuptials of co-owner Kevin Floyd. We've got some pretty good stuff lined up, hope some eGullet folks can make it out! Open 4-2.

Kind of late notice if you're learning about it here but if you've been to Anvil and loved it, been to Anvil and hated it, or been to Anvil and didn't understand it, or never been at all...come out and see what we're doing in Austin.


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