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I had a very similar menu at Hedone last week. Will report in more detail with photos but I disagree with you on one aspect. On food alone, I reckon it's on a two-star level already. Certainly, if you use Darroze at the Connaught as a yardstick (I'm not sure I can but there you go), the food at Hedone showed a lot more thought in execution and progression, and was also far more enjoyable.

Julian's Eating - Tales of Food and Drink
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I'm sure there are plenty of two stars that won't fare well in a direct head to head with Hedone, but they are all quite different beasts at that level.

Two stars apparently involves the OK from European based Michelin inspectors not just UK, so it's quite a big jump, however Hedone is more continental than British in much of what it does! It does feel like being transported to Paris for a meal.

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