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Nottinghams Finest....Restaurants

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this our my first contribution to this fascinating resource. we are active foodies in our local area of nottingham, england and have recently compiled the following list of privately owned restaurants in and around the city which we consider to be the best within each category. we are lucky in nottingham to be spoilt with a plethora of outstanding restaurants, and we continually use these establishments as a point of reference within our own humble domestic kitchen;

british: fine dining

larder on goosegate, hockley, nottingham city centre

british: gastro pub

larwood and voce, fox road, west bridgford

british: cafe bar

jam cafe, heathcoat street, nottingham city centre

european: cafe bar

edins deli cafe, broad street, nottingham city centre

european: tapas

belle and jerome, central avenue, west bridgford


french living, king street, nottingham city centre


escabeche, bridgford road, west bridgford


yamas, thurland street, nottingham city centre


the balti house, heathcoat street, nottingham city centre


tarn thai, george street, nottingham city centre


squeek, heathcoat street, nottingham city centre


aubreys, west end arcade, nottingham city centre


sat bains with rooms, lenton lane, nottingham

we'd be interested to hear what others think of our suggestions.

our social experiment: to not to cook the same meal twice for the next year


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Best fine dining being the larder on goose gate, but best "michelin" being Sat Bains? Not sure what you mean by that. As far as I'm concerned for fine dining in Nottingham there's Sat Bains, and then everyone else some way behind - it's not that the others are poor, but it's one of the top restaurants in the UK.

Haven't eaten at many of the others though, is the balti house that good? Most of my mates used to rate Kayal as the best but I never got to go, I'm planning on going in July though.

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You're absolutely right about Sat Bains. The problem is its SO good its on a completely different stratosphere from other local restaurants, and so we decided to siphon it off and create a unique category for it - to give other fine dining restaurants a chance!

And as for justifying our choice of the Baltihouse as the best indian restaurant in Nottingham; the passion and warmth of their staff is so genuine and infectious. There is a great range of dishes, including comprehensive vegetarian and vegan options, and its incredibly well priced. It may not win any interior awards, but their peshwari naan alone is worth visiting for!

our social experiment: to not to cook the same meal twice for the next year


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No Harts? Admittedly only place ive eaten in Nottingham but i was really impressed as were my 27 yr old sister and 97 year old great aunt who i dined with...

"Experience is something you gain just after you needed it" ....A Wise man

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Yeah Nikki, I'd tend to agree with you here. That list, in my opinion, is way off base in terms of the city's finest. Actually, knowing the standard of this board, I don't think some of those venues are really worthy of mention; good day to day places, yes, but nothing remotely recommendable about them. However, there are a few establishments - alongside Harts - that do merit attention should anyone be heading Nottsward...

Curry - Memsaab/4550 Miles from Delhi: Neither are particularly cheap by curry standards, but are exceptional and very consistent. I think the curry and spicing is better at Memsaab, though the breads win out at Delhi, which are truly incredible. Also, special mention for Kayal, a Keralan specialist on the opposite side of the city that's slightly cheaper, but equally as good; some may even say the best. FYI, there's a sister Kayal in Leicester.

Modern European - World Service: Arguably better looking inside than Harts, though very similar in standard and execution.

Tapas - Iberico: Hands down the standout tapas venue and, for my money, probably the best pound for pound restaurant in the city centre (I keep saying city centre because Sat's isn't. It goes without saying Bains is in a different league). Well worth checking out though.

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I would agree entirely with Marcus's post. Having lived in Nottingham for 7 years (although now departed) I have eaten at most of the restaurants listed in the OP. The two restaurants which sit below Sat Bains but still within the wider category of 'fine dining' are Harts and World Service.

Harts is owned by Tim Hart, also the owner of Hambleton Hall in Rutland. The room is fairly bland and uninspiring with a corporate feel. While the food is perfectly pleasant I have always associated Harts with business lunch - possibly due to the number of business lunches I have attended there...

As a result I would place World Service slightly above Harts in the pecking order. The food is reasonably accomplished fusion fare and the atmosphere of the restaurant has always been spot on for me.

I would also recommend Iberico - owned by the same people as World Service. Its set lunch is without doubt the best value offering in Nottingham.

Sats is obviously a league apart.

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