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Fat Guy losing weight, still obese

Fat Guy

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Another index (better than BMI) is the waist/height ratio. Anything above 0.5 and you are probably overweight. What's you waistsize FatGuy?

I'm around 42" in the waist. I'm pretty sure I'm less than 84" tall.

Then again I'm not arguing that I'm thin. I'm still Fat Guy, just somewhat less so.

Similar situation to my 6' tall husband (weight around 220), whose eyes were rudely opened by a doctor recently. As a former athlete, he has put all his weight on around his stomach. In his opinion, he was "fit". The doctor pointed out that although he wore 40" waist on his pants, they were pushed well below his actual waistline.

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The best tool to determine whether you'r eoverweight or not is the mirror. If you look fat, then you probably are fat.

Speaking as a former anorexic, I'd have to disagree with you, Mark. If I look in the mirror and see fat, I'm being delusional. I'm 6' tall and currently weigh about 140, and I'm probably still a little underweight. However, if I look in the mirror, I see a blimp.

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Congrats Steven.

I've lost about 30 pounds over the last 5 months, dropping from 237 to 206. I will say (even though my wife disagrees) at 237 I was fat, no other way to put it. BMI said I was obese (I'm 6 feet tall) and I was. I went for a physical at about 215 pounds and everything had improved for me pretty significantly. Blood pressure and cholesterol had dropped from borderline high to normal and my doctor couldn't have been happier.

Back to BMI, it looks like 180-185 would put me at the high range of "normal rate". I think that's actually pretty accurate. Even at 206 I've got a bit of a belly and I'd still like to lose another 10 pounds or so (I'm down to buying size 34 jeans and 36 dress pants). I've stepped up my exercise so maybe that will get me the rest of the way there.

And like you Steven, my motivation to keep the weight off is how much better I feel now. I didn't even realize how low my energy level was until I got rid of the burden of 30 extra calories on my back.


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I would just like to add my congratulations and encouragement. I have watched my weight all my life (rode horses for a living) and I know that sometimes it can be very, very tough. Good on you, mate.

“Don't kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about!”
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I've lost about 115 pounds, 90 of them using a tool that most people don't approve, but it has changed my life. I feel great and have so much energy and I'm not hiding anymore. I'm living. I haven't reached my goal yet, but even if I didn't lose another pound, I've changed the outlook for my health, I think.

Congrats, Fat Guy, on doing it in a way that works for you!

From FG: Fear not. I am still quite heavy.

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