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Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, Koeln (Cologne), Koblenz

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I visited the Dusseldorf area for a couple days on business a couple years ago. For drinking, I used this site as a guide. He's got info on Dusseldorf and other cities. I hit Uerige, Schluessel, Schumacher, and Fuechschen. If the weather is nice, you can drink your altbier outside (I was there in October, and even though it was cool out, everyone was outside, which was nice). I got an enormous and delicious boiled pig's hock (swinehaxen) at Fuechschen (though I might get the roasted version that was on the chalkboard specials next time). I also had a pretty good Italian meal at La Riva in Krefeld, though I can't compare it to much else in the area.

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Previous query fell on deaf ears, but surely there's plenty of eGullet advice here!

This is terra incognito to me, what do I want to eat or drink? And where?

Are you looking for good local food, Michelin standard fare or something in-between?

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Good local food, primarily. Inspiration for my own cooking. Innovative places as well.

In Chicago, for calibration: frontera/topology, publican/Avec, frank's franks, bongo room, violet hour, next would be a nice itinerary.

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there is about 3 good places..

an Italien and a thai in the center of eindhoven


Da Nello

Stratumsedijk 23 A, Eindhoven 5611 NA, The Netherlands

Very very good... and also nice place to be



Sala Thai

Staringstraat 31, Eindhoven 5615 HC, The Netherlands

Good thai food, interior is a little takki but good food


Another great place just outside eindhoven is:

De Treeswijkhoeve

Valkenswaardseweg 14



top top food and service, and is very beautiful place a most visit place for a special evening with great wine etc..


hope this can help you a bit..

And if you just love food etc.. and have time for a nice drive down to eys, where a farmer shop with all the good stuff is "Eyserhalte" they also have a pretty good restaurant there..


But the drive down there is also nice ;)

hope i can help...

br Gilbert

Best regards,


Food blog - www.floss.dk

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