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Help with flat snickerdoodles

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I've just scaled up my snickerdoodle recipe and they're a little bit flat so I want to adjust the recipe. Everything was already in ounces before I converted, but I can't decide whether to decrease the egg or increase the flour. I still want a somewhat tender cookie, just want it a little less flat.

we do bake the scooped cookies right out of the fridge, and we've also tried baking a touch longer to help "set" the cookies.

many thanks,


Stephanie Crocker

Sugar Bakery + Cafe

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I'd look at your leavening before playing with the egg or flour amounts. Sometimes 1/8 tsp (about 0.1 oz) more baking powder or about 0.05 oz soda with the same amount of cream of tartar, will solve the problem without introducing any undue flavours to the dough.

Elizabeth Campbell, baking 10,000 feet up at 1° South latitude.

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