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[CHI] The Purple Pig


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The Purple Pig was directly across the street from the hotel I was at, so I could not resist stopping by. I was disappointed that they were out of their house-made Coppa, so I had to settle for the Lengua, which was fine but nothing special. We also had a number of cheeses and olives, all of which were good. But the best part of the place, it seems to me, is the wine list full of $30-$40 bottles and tons available by the glass. Definitely what a thirsty traveler needs. I would have liked to try other things off the menu, but we has reservations at Moto later that evening so I figured I better hold off. What else is good there?

Chris Hennes
Director of Operations

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It's across the street from my office, so I get there at least once a month. All of the vegetables I've had there have been fantastic (favas (with morcilla), shaved brussels sprouts, beets) as are most things off the plancha, particularly the octopus. The pork neck bone gravy (tomato sauce) with ricotta is one of my all time favorites and a must order if it's on the menu. The bone marrow tends to be hit or miss, but when it's good it's really good. For charcuterie-type preparations, I stick with the Publican.

True rye and true bourbon wake delight like any great wine...dignify man as possessing a palate that responds to them and ennoble his soul as shimmering with the response.

DeVoto, The Hour

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Welcome to Chicago and hope you enjoy the NRA show! I love the bone marrow and I agree it can be sometimes better than others. Last time I was in I sat at the bar across from the Wood Stone Plancha and that was a great place to get an education! There is always activity and I was also fortunate that Jimmy Banos Jr was leading the crew on a Saturday night. I like their Lardo, the Pork Shoulder and I really liked the Razor Clams. Maybe skip the Pig's Tail.

Enjoy all you visit! I am hoping to see the show tomorrow.

"A cloud o' dust! Could be most anything. Even a whirling dervish.

That, gentlemen, is the whirlingest dervish of them all." - The Professionals by Richard Brooks

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I was at the NRA show myself on the 21st. Had a great time! Met Captain Sig Hansen from "Deadliest Catch" of FV Northwestern at the Trident Seafood booth.

We went to the Purple Pig twice. For dinner and lunch on the 19th & 20th.


Pork Fried Almonds with rosemary & garlic

Charred Cauliflower, Toasted Breadcrumbs, Cornichons & Parsley

Peas & Bacon with Pecorino and Spearmint

Deviled Eggs with Arugula & Caper Berries (Deep fried eggs!) available only at dinner

Pig's Tails Braised in Balsamic

Cheeses: Truffle Tremor, Amuse Gouda, Cabot Cheddar


Lardo Crostini

Roasted Bone Marro with Herbs

Pig's Ear with Crispy Kale, Pickled Cherry Peppers & Fried Egg

Lingua Agradolce

Cheeses: Frisan Farms Gouda, Capriole O'Banon, Prairie Breeze (I wanted cheeses specifically from the Midwest region)

We also started with Christian Vodka Martini & Death's Door Vodka martini. Each meal we had a terrific wine. It is true they have a great wine list "50 under 40." I wish

I could remember the names. One was a blend of 3 Spanish wines that was amazing with dinner the lunch bottle was a great Rose'. It is true the place is really really crowded! We were lucky to have seats at the end of a the tall tables near the door. Lunch we had a nice booth right in the back that kept the surrounding noise level down. Our servers each time were really wonderful, navigated the menu well for us and had good suggestions on wine. We were told to call ahead during lunchtime and they would hold a place for us which they did. We met Jimmy Bannos Jr. as he was on the line both times. At lunch he came over and chatted with us and apologized for the small (I didn't think so!)

selection for lunch as half of their grill was broken. We enjoyed our talk with him and it was nice he remembered us from the night before. Our dinner server came on the

night shift and we were pleased to see her again briefly.

A suggestion I have for them is to have cheese description menus readily available - we had to ask for one and our waiter took it off the lamp where they are displayed. I was able to better guide my choice. I say this because due to the volume of patrons and the noise level it would be difficult (although they would) to describe each and every cheese as the list is quite long.

I wanted to try the two in-house made cured meats but they were out of the Coppa. We enjoyed the Lingua Agradolce very much, it was like butter in texture and quite delicious. We also had the Sopressata which is something I like a lot.

All in all I highly suggest this restaurant having had 2 great meals and wonderful service.

"You can't miss with a ham 'n' egger......"

Ervin D. Williams 9/1/1921 - 6/8/2004

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