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Benne Wafers: So Many Questions....

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My wife brought a bunch of benne wafers back from a trip to Charleston recently, and I've been snacking on them in all sorts of situations. They're smallish rounds of a crispy sesame (benne) seed wafer; these are sweet but I understand you can make 'em savory as well.

They seem to me to be a fantastic party snack in both forms. Eat Your Books tells me that I have recipes from Jean Anderson, Richard Sax, and King Arthur (or his minions) on the shelf. Any thoughts on where to start? On how to vary savory to sweet without affecting that crisp texture? What to serve 'em with? (They're working well with this Martini right now, I'll say.)

Chris Amirault

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I'll admit I'm not a big fan of benne wafers, because I just don't enjoy the benne/sesame flavor all that much... But, of the ones I've tried (and I've had LOTS of variations), I think I like Natalie Dupree's the best... here's a link I think will work to her recipe.

It's on the sweeter side, but not dessert sweet.

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