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Recommendations for inexpensive family dining in Paris


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I'll be taking my small family to Paris for a week(2 adults 1 three year old).

We can't afford to eat in restuarants much so I'd be really grateful if anyone could reccomend

a) somewhere family friendly for a good, inexpensive lunch, and

b) somewhere to buy good bread, cold meats, cheeses and food to eat at home. (we're renting a small studio in the 5th arondissement)

Many thanks,


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Find a local shop and a local baker and you'll be fine. What we did to save money was eat lunch out and have "sandwich" in our room for dinner, except for a few special times. The "sandwich" fixins are easy to find. Have a great time (need a nanny to take along?)!

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One small restaurant I'd suggest is La Maison des Tartes at 67 rue Mouffetard, in the 5th. Savory quiches and tartes and dessert tartes. I don't know if your little one likes that sort of thing, but would probably find one of the dessert tarts acceptable. It gets busy and has only 18 seats, so you might want to avoid the middle of lunch time, whenever that is. There are many restaurants along that street, but not necessarily many that you would find attractively priced. There are a couple of places that sell crepes/galettes from windows along the street-- the 3yo might enjoy seeing the meal cooked; then you could take things back to the apartment. There are also some Vietnamese and other oriental places that are either eat-in or take-away, and with pretty good prices. Look for the "Traiteur" signs.

For good bread there are a couple of Kayser bakeries a block or so south of the Maubert-Mutualite Metro station along rue Monge (one just for plain bread, the other for other bakery products, as I recall). Many would say you can't find any better bread in Paris. I don't know about that, but it's certainly very good. There are lines in the mornings for fresh baguettes.

There are some supermarkets tucked around here and there in the 5th. One we used when we had an apartment there for 11 days a couple of years ago is a Franprix at 2 rue Domat (between blvd Saint Germain and the river), but there are other Franprix locations in the 5th and other chains as well. There are also several specialty shops (e.g., cheese, produce, meat) near the Maubert-Mutualite Metro station, but their prices are probably higher. Rue Mouffetard has lots of grocery and specialty shops, and a couple of times a week (I think) there are morning markets set up in Place Monge. Other days there are markets along Mouffetard. Lots of people want to sell you food.

We were in Paris recently for several days, this time in an apartment in the 4th, but we got down into the 5th for lunch at La Maison des Tartes one day. You should enjoy Paris.

Dick in Northbrook, IL

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