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Seeking vegan and/or vegetarian dining in the NH/VT Upper Valley regio

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So, yeah-- looking for vegan and/or vegetarian options in the Upper Valley area- preferably around Lebanon, Hanover, White River Junction area. Plan to dine out with new vegetarian friends and this is something I've never had to really think about before.

Can anyone help me here?



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    • By pat_00
      OK so it's a bit weird, but I need help making some fake animals out of tofu.
      It's for a vegetarian party, the tricky thing is i need to make it look like the real thing.
      I have a mold ready to use, but it's not really oven safe.
      My idea is to use a basic tofu meatloaf recipe, put it in the mold and chill it until it sets, then transfer it to the oven.
      Anyone have any helpful ideas, or comments?
    • By anchita
      I'd appreciate knowing more about 'vegetarian' stocks. (The "hot soups" thread in the Indian forum got me thinking about this.)
      I assume basic vegetable stock-making would involve simmering cut vegetables in water and then straining the mixture. But what about the specific combinations and proportions of vegetables, addition of herbs and spices, length of time for simmering, reduction etc.
      Beside its obvious use as the base in soups, what other uses could one put this to (assuming that it doesn't possess the thickening property of the meat-based stocks)?
      edit: I did try to see if this topic has been covered elsewhere, but didn't get a specific result. I'd appreciate any pointers to previous discussions, if any.
    • By beccaboo
      I was at the Vietnamsese shop buying rice papers for my daughter's back-to-school spring-roll dinner, when I found and bought vegetarian intestines. How shall I fix them? The packet recommends stir-frying them or putting them in soup--my daughter doesn't like soup (!), so I'd better fry them. Does anyone have a recipe, preferably SE Asian?
      I thought maybe frying them with tomato, chiles, and basil would be good....
      We're having the uncooked kind of spring rolls, and peanut sauce, and tomato-tofu salad for the rest of our dinner.
    • By adrober
      It has long been a dream of mine to invite people over, tie them to chairs, and force them to watch one of the all-time-greatest movie-musicals: "The Sound of Music" starring eGullet's very own Julie Andrews. (Well, it's possible. She has to eat, doesn't she?)
      Since my schedule is clearing in the upcoming weeks (oh who am I kidding, what schedule?) I would like to make this dream a reality. That's where you guys come in:
      What should I serve at my "Sound of Music" party?
      This sounds like a Literary Smackdown prompt, but it isn't.
      There is, for example, the option of serving venison a la "Doe a Deer."
      Unfortunately, most of my friends are vegetarians. I should probably stick to desserts.
      Austrian desserts anyone? Is schnitzel with noodles a dessert? Tips for an Edelweiss cake?
      Very grateful,
      PS Check out my new website: www.amateurgourmet.com.
    • By cacao
      I love swiss chard, and it seems to be in great abundance in the markets I frequent, lately. I have a lovely bunch with pink stems in the fridge waiting to be cooked!
      But, I am a bit tired of the way I near always cook it - sauteed in olive oil, garlic, with currants and pine nuts. I'm looking to try something different, interesting, fun, even!
      with it. I was considering some sort of stuffed chard dish.. not sure what Id want to stuff in it (I am a 'fish-eating vegetarian', by the way). Or.. maybe chard pizza?
      Any suggestions, from fellow chard lovers?
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