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Worst Candy Ever

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I just reread this thread and It's very funny. Amazing how polarizing the subject is. I really HATE a lot of candy out there. But that doesn't always stop me from nibbling on it. I'm not sure I ever actually ate a peep. They weren't a part of my childhood, I know that, and they just look so toxic. That said, you would have to pay me a substantial sum to eat raisinettes, which combine two things I loathe: raisins and milk chocolate. Plus they look like something a deer left behind. All Hershey products: just plastic. All white chocolate: just soap with sugar. Mounds and Almond Joy: for lunatics. Candy hearts: sidewalk chalk is cheaper, comes in more colors and has less sugar.  


The single strangest candy is licorice. The salted types are simply hunks of ammonium chloride, which is used as an expectorant, and also in the production of manure, and probably is the reason why roads in the east need to be resurfaced constantly. Some is waaay too sweet, but every so often I find some I really like, like scandinavian black ropes and tire treads. Sadly, my favorite licorice candy of all time seems to have become extinct: Lakrits Lentils: a dark chocolate m & m shape candy with a thin hard black licorice shell. The ones that came in the lovely little folding box were the best, and they disappeared years ago. The bulk ones, not as good, you had to buy in 5lb bags, which was really a major headache. Now those are unavailable as well, or were last time I checked. A 5lb bag is really a disaster for me, anyway.


Okay, so love this thread.


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