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How do you eat your grapefruit?


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Supremed, Broiled with brown sugar, In fruit salad, Campari and grapefruit juice

This reminds me...a bit of St. Germain or Green Chartreuse (even better, Elixir Végétal) sprinkled over grapefruit supremes is terrific.

True rye and true bourbon wake delight like any great wine...dignify man as possessing a palate that responds to them and ennoble his soul as shimmering with the response.

DeVoto, The Hour

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Variation on the theme:

1. Cut in half and remove supremes into large coffee mug.

2. Squeeze every drop of juice into mug.

3. Sprinkle with about 1Tbl sugar and stir into mug.

4. Refrigerate.

Eat later. Waiting accomplishes 3 things

- it's super cold

- sugar is fully dissolved

- you get to eat it, drink the juice, no work at time of eating.


"If you don't want to use butter, add cream."

Julia Child

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