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I've been wanting to lose a bit of weight recently (preferably by magic) and when I saw okara (the remains from soy milking) was free at the Japanese grocery I figured I might as well give it a try. I expected some sort of awful sludge only vegans would think was edible (and googling for recipes only reinforced this opinion), but upon tasting it I found it was actually quite good. Very bland, of course, but fresh tasting with a fluffy and interesting texture.

So far all I've made is an "omelet" of an egg and an equal volume of okara with salt and pepper. I really enjoyed it--the texture was great if you like fluffy egg dishes, and the flavor was also really pleasant, maybe more so than solid egg.


Does anyone have any dishes they enjoy with okara? I've noticed a lot of baking suggestion on the web, but I don't bake too often.

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