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Dessert for gluten, free vegan meal

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I heat honey in the double boiler with a tablespoon of brown sugar, then spoon this hot mixture over the cake (and any fresh fruit) while the cake is still warm. It's my standard "glaze" for my yoghurt shortcake.

Edit - that should be shortcake, not shortbread.

That was easy!

The glaze is wonderful!

Thank you very much! It will now be one of my go-to recipes as well :smile:


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I did my first vegan cake this weekend; it's not going to fit the parameters of gluten free, but I adapted the popular "wowie cake" (the recipe is all over the internet) to a vanilla version by replacing the cocoa with almond flour.

You could experiment with using a gluten free flour replacer in the recipe (the recipe, which I doubled, so I remember the quantities: 15 oz flour, 14 oz granulated white sugar, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/2 cup almond meal, 1 tsp salt - mix this together in a bowl. Then you need 1 tsp vanilla, 2 cups cold water and 2/3 cup vegetable oil, add these liquids, stir (don't leave any lumps but don't overmix this either), pour into a greased pan (I lined them with parchment so I'd be able to get them out cleanly) and then bake it for about 35-40 mins at 350 (I didn't use the convection oven for this but if that's all you have, use a low fan). It will bake pretty flat, but you can cut it into shapes and use it as a component on the plate....

Jeanne, Thank you for telling me about the Wowie cake. I cannot believe the raves I am getting by people who have eaten a piece of this cake. My husband, who really is not crazy about chocolate, loves this cake. Everyone I have given a piece to loves it too and cannot believe it is not laden with eggs and butter.

I baked it in an 8x8 pan.

I am thinking of trying to bake it in a bundtlette pan next.


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I'm glad you like it :) My mom made this several times a week for us while we were growing up (that, and Texas Sheet Cake - which is kind of like a fudgy brownie with a chocolate glaze and nuts. Addictive. Very Addictive. Now I'm going to have to go find a recipe for that too and really bring home some taste memories!) and it was always good. Sometimes she would put a cream cheese frosting on it but we liked it plain. It works as cupcakes too :)

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Oh yes, we do love it. And it is so easy to make. And no mess!

Next time I will bake it in a 9x13 pan, cut the cake in half to make it into layers and frost it with a Vegan frosting recipe I have which uses silken tofu. I never tried the frosting before but it sounds as though it will go well with the cake.

I actually have a Texas Sheet Cake recipe with a chocolate glaze. It is in the book "Olive Oil Desserts" by Micki Sannar. I'd be happy to message the recipe with you if you would like it.

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If you're making the cocoa version, chocolate is an obvious choice.

Otherwise, you can't go wrong with sliced fresh fruit as a topping, or with something like strawberries macerated in brandy. Are you baking for vegans, or just for gluten-free? If you're OK with a bit of honey, you can use it as a glaze for fruit.....

Now that my husband and I are hooked on your honey glaze, may I ask which honey you use? I am at the bottom of my jar and need to buy a new one.

I can't believe how easy that glaze is to make. It made the cake moist from the first piece to the last!

Thank you :smile:

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My friend Maria, from whom I purchase honey, has bees, and her hives serve the citrus and plum plantations in the valley 25 minutes downslope of me. Which means that the honey I use is usually a blend of citrus and (in season) plum nectars.

Occasionally, my friend Dolores brings me honey; this is eucalyptus and acacia from the forests upslope of me. I prefer the citrus honey for baking, and the eucalyptus for sweetening drinks. When I am very lucky, my friend Alvaro brings me wild honey from the jungles, which is from combined tropical flowers. This is special reserve stock for sucking straight out of the combs.

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Thank you Panaderia Canadiense! You are very fortunate to have such good friends and to live in such a beautiful country. I'll try to find citrus honey in my area. We can go to local places and see what it available. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

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