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Chris Amirault

Drinks Where Substitutes Are Better Than "Originals"

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I will also echo that Ransom Old Tom is phenomenal is so many classics cocktails: Sazerac, Manhattan, or in place of Genever in an Improved Holland Gin Cocktail.

I love Matusalem or other stellar rum in a Red Hook. Never came up with any better name than just 'Rum Hook.'

Also Jamaica rum in a Bijou freaking rocks. I did coin a better name for that one: the Aratama (uncut gem) Cocktail. Appleton VX works nicely, but Smith & Cross is balls-kickingly delicious!

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A local bar does the vieux carre with applejack for the whisky, Calvados for the brandy and dandelion and burdock bitters for the peychaud's. It is beyond delicious and it has substituted the original for my favorite cocktail.

I also like my sazeracs with bourbon instead of rye.

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