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To go crawfish

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We picked up 10 lbs fri. Night, just to get a taste...early yet...and it got me thinking about how they pack them up fpr you to go. Around here, it's a plastic grocery bag inside a paper grocery bag. It works ok to get them home, but I wonder about the hot crawfish and those (as far as i can tell, not bare food safe) bags interacting while they're in there...kind of like I worry about my 16 yr old and his girl friend. It's not the crawfish so much as it's the potatoes and corn.This has never crossed my mind before, and it's probably because of a lot of incidental reading about plastics breaking down under heat in the microwave and the question of how am I suppossed to know when plastic IS 'food safe' or not?

So, does anyone know if plastic grocery bags can be considered foodsafe?

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