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Maze Grill

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Both branches of Hawksmoor and Goodman are so popular these days that eating a decent steak on a Thursday night is now something that needs to be planned a month ahead. At least that's the case if there are more than 4 of you in a group.

Looking around for an alternative, I was reminded of Maze Grill - once the darling of the steak joints in London, if I remember correctly, but off the radar since the arrival of its newer rivals.

I ordered an Aberdeen Angus ribeye. It was a tasty, high quality piece of beef, with good flavour, and cooked well to my order. However, if I’m going to spend nearly £30 on a piece of meat, I want it to be approximately the size of my head. I want to be eating it for so long that I feel borderline unwell. Goodman and Hawksmoor make me sick - in a good way, you understand. At Maze, I could have started all over again.

The sides were amusingly bad value, as befits a London steak joint. One and half tablespoons of spinach, maybe two at a stretch, with some melted gruyere for £4? By any measure, that's outrageous. Three portabello mushrooms? Tomato salad? All four quid.

My chips were poor too: blonde in colour, undercooked and accompanied by insipid aioli, which was borderline inedible.

In short, the steak was good, but too small, and the sides were rubbish. I’d choose Hawksmoor or Goodman over Maze every time, but it looks like London has worked that out already...

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