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Last Wednesday I went to try the tasting menu at Compose, and came away quite happy. There were a couple misses, but more than enough hits to make up and a few real standouts. In addition, it was a real pleasure to dine there, the room has a cozy feel and the service is quite warm. I love Momofuku Ko, but I'd never highlight the service there. At Compose however, you get a comparable style of dining but with a comfortable room and doting service. My 3 favorite dishes were the "Ocean Sphere" (spherified oyster emulsion with pickled shallots and seaweed dust), The Apple & Pine dessert with wood and hay, and the seared fresh Ibérico de Bellota. Obviously the first two were more interesting technique while the pork was all about the ingredient.

ocean sphere:


Ibérico de Bellota:


As much as I loved the dinner I may be more excited about dropping in for a cocktail, as they looked really good and I love the feel of the room; that and I live only a few blocks away. Anyone else tried the place yet?

more pics and notes on every course here:


Ed aka Wordsmithing Pantagruel

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