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Crunch without nuts


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Those dried pea and corn snacks? Or Chicharrones?

I just came from the Indian Spice store. That place was full of bags of dozens of variations of fried extruded things....lentils and such. I was thinking I can use them in place of those Asian crispy onions on casseroles. Fish too maybe.

I think there might be sweet ones too, but wouldn't hold up to baking in something, though on the frosting could work.

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So, as you can see, many options available. Basically if you are able to dry any food (that is: apply dry heat until crunchy, either by, say, using an oven or deep frying), then you have your crunchy alternatives to nuts to add texture. Other options?

Crumbled taco chells or nachos

Chips (any kind will do)

Cereal. Most of the time, cereal is crunchy, but won't remain that way in a moist environment

Cookies and/or crackers

Croutons or any stale bread

Dough, in general, like a touille works great

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