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eG Foodblog: nakji (2011) - Gong Xi Fa Cai - goodbye Tiger; hello Rabb

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Thanks Erin. This was a fascinating insight into your part of the world.

Nick Reynolds, aka "nickrey"

"The Internet is full of false information." Plato
My eG Foodblog

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Thanks for a great time! I loved seeing your life there. The alleys are SO charming, then you realize that living there, with no heat, probably little light, and having to carry water, is not so charming.

I am amazed at how modern and clean many of the shops and restaurants are. Of course as tourists the places we were were like that, but I'm impressed that your neighborhood is like that. my bias/lack of understanding I guess.

Great Week!

So true! Like I said, I hope that these alleys do get preserved architecturally, but that the people who live in them get carried up by the rising tide of prosperity into more modern accommodation. Watching the women wash clothes in the well water in January has been particularly difficult for me.

Your blog has been at the top of my e-reading list all week. Seeing China through your eyes has made it seem that much more accessible to me. With any luck, I will be joining my husband on a business trip to Shenzhen (and Hong Kong) in a few short months. Thanks to you, I am a bit less terrified at the prospect, and actually quite looking forward to it. As for fried pigeon? Not so much... :unsure:

Thanks for a great week!

I'm thrilled to hear this. One of my hopes in volunteering to blog was to show what a lovely place China is, and how much the people here care about good food. The sheer number of places to get good, fresh produce and ingredients even in my little neighborhood makes me appreciate living in a high population environment. Please enjoy your trip!

It's been a real pleasure showing off my corner of Suzhou to everyone.

It's really been our pleasure. Thank you, and thank you for all your individual responses, to me and others, from which I learned a lot and got some great ideas.

Thanks for reading - it was gratifying to seem your name at the bottom of the topic, following along. Please come and post your inspirations in the China forum.

Fabulous job, I enjoyed this blog immensely. Thank you so much.


Fantastic blog, thanks so much for it! Going to go back and re-read everything from page 1, I enjoyed it so thoroughly.

I think I might, too!

Thanks Erin. This was a fascinating insight into your part of the world.

You're welcome.

Erin, thank you for a wonderful blog. Love the fried egg on the fried rice.

It really is the best.

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