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Canadian Celebrity Chefs


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Kerry, I agree with you but only on the out-of-town names. I have heard of some, but not all. I am, however, familiar with all of the Ottawa chefs and know some of them. I was talking to Chef Blackie and he was saying that this is the first time they have tried this and they plan on building on it to attract more "name' chefs in the future, as the event becomes (hopefully) more well known. In any event, I hope to pick up some pointers during the day and the eats in the evening look good.

Foodietopo, Martin Picard was to have been the chef at a Winterlude event. As you probably know, he is well-known for his use of foie gras. That event, 450 tickets I believe, sold out very, very quickly. Then the foie gras protesters got wind of it and did what they do best - protested. The NCC, (a government body) who were planning the event, told him he couldn't use foie gras. So he said "sayonara". They are now bringing in Michael Smith but a number of people have requested, and received, refunds. We go to Marche Jean Talon several times a year so I will have to see if we can visit Mathieu Cloutier Kitchen Gallery. Thanks for the tip.

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