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Split Peas - Green or Yellow


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For some reason, I've been interested in making split pea soup lately.

Maybe it's because there was one of those "Best Split Peas Soup Ever" articles in Cook's Illustrated recently or maybe it's because my wife and I had a delicious split pea soup when we were in Paris recently. Whatever the cause, I know there's this cool Split Pea Soup topic here on eGullet.

But, can you make anything else but soup with split peas?

And, yellow or green?

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I use yellow to make dal, a lot. They can sub in for lentils, for various things, if you don't mind the different texture, they're thicker and more porridgy.

My husband has a weird food quirk where he dislikes that particular split pea color green, (and guacamole) so, when I make it at home, I use yellow grudgingly. I prefer green, they seem sweeter, maybe. Green is the best for soup, in my opinion. Maybe it's just because I don't use them at home as much as I'd like.

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The green ones, soup is the only application I'm aware of.

The yellow ones are great in Indian dals, although I do have to admit I don't see much of a difference in taste between the yellow and green (especially when heavily spiced), so I don't know why they couldn't be used interchangeably. Other than authenticity, of course.

Or, if you've got a sadistic streak, you could do what the nuns used to do to my mother to punish misbehaving kids and make said kid kneel on a pile of uncooked peas :shock: !


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