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Olla podrida sous vide


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Olla podrida sous vide


Not rotten pot, but mighty or rich pot! Originated in 16th century Spain, olla poderida became olla podrida and was falsely translated into French as pot-pourri.


For two servings

* 100g Brisket well marbled, cooked SV 48h/55°C, large dice †

* 100g Pork meat well marbled, cooked SV 24h/55°C, large dice †

* 100g Lamb chops without bone, cooked SV 4h/55°C, large dice †

* 100g Chicken breast, cooked SV 2h/58°C, large dice †

* 100g Chorizo, sliced approximately 4mm †

* 125g Chickpeas (garbanzos), soaked overnight in water †

* 1 Onion chopped medium-fine †

* ½ Savoy cabbage approx. 200g cut into pieces, thick leaf veins removed

* ½ Celeriac approx. 200g quartered, sliced about 2mm

* 2 Carrots sliced approximately 120g about 3mm

* 1 Leek approximately 20cm / 100g sliced about 5mm

* Extra virgin olive oil

* Rice bran oil

* Dried parsley qs, aromatic, black pepper

† Beef, pork, lamb and chicken (or at least two kinds of meat) as well as chorizo, chickpeas and onions are mandatory ingredients, other vegetables vary according to desire and availability.


Boil chickpeas in water for 30-60 min.

Sauté onions in olive oil, add chorizo, continue sautéing, add chickpeas including its cooking water, add remaining vegetables, cover and cook to the desired softness, stir from time to time. If additional liquid is needed, you may add Sherry instead of water.

Reduce heat. Season to taste. Add parsley.

In a heavy skillet, sear the meat dice in just smoking hot rice bran oil (very high smoking point allows very quick sear, not overdoing the center of the meat).

Sear one kind of meat at a time and transfer to the pan with the vegetables.

Peter F. Gruber aka Pedro

eG Ethics Signatory

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