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Sweet Corn Soup with a Bitter aftertaste

Varun Sheth

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Hey guys,

I have made this soup a couple times before and its turned out fine. However this time there is a bitter after taste to the soup. I tried the corn kernels and they tasted fine.

Here is how I made the soup:

1. Prepared stock

2. Sauteed onion, saffron in olive oil. Added rice to this.

3. Added Stock. Brought to a boil, till rice became tender.

4. Added corn kernels. Blended, strained and seasoned.

Do you think this could be do with the corn itself? Is it common to have this bitter taste? Is there anyway I can get rid of it because I don't think it is very pleasant.

Thanks. Happy Holidays! :)

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When you tried the corn, did you try the blended/pureed version, or just the kernels. Sometimes the blending breaks the outer hull down into more "tasteable" bits, and if the hull is bitter, there's your source. Is this commercial frozen corn? Or something else?

Chris Hennes
Director of Operations

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