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Kids holiday drinks


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We have a neighborhood holiday party tonight. It was supposed to be a typical pot luck. Now we have half the town (itty bitty town) and ice and snow on it’s way.

The host has decided on Mai Tais because it’s an official night of adults behaving badly. The younger 4H kids will be putting together the fruit skewers. The older ones are putting chains on the big climate controlled tractors to shuttle folks home.

What special drink can we make for the kids? Keep in mind we need to make it with stuff on hand because the road to town is a solid sheet of ice. (we can get around the farms just fine since gravel roads have better traction in the winter.)

Thanks for your input.

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My son discovered a "mixed drink" that he loved, at a Beaches in Jamaica. It might fit with your mai tai theme. I forgot what it was called, something like Pineappleapple, or something silly like that. It consisted of equal parts pineapple juice, apple juice, and 7up. It has a nice gold color, and looks good with a pineapple and cherry garnish. It's pretty tasty, even. You could do something like that, for them, in a punchbowl, and float fruit and sorbet on top.

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There were several 8-11 yo girls. I put OJ, apple juice, pineapple juice, 7 up and a squirt of maple syrup in a blender. Poured it over ice with a splash of grenadine. They really didn't like them until they had a name.

Sweet, colorful and sappy. "Hurricane Taylor" (one dad had told me he contributes about $50 a month to Taylor Swift's college fund)

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I know I missed your deadline, but here's one for future needs. We posted this as a Halloween punch, but it's good throughout the fall. You can substitute ready-made ingredients as necessary, but it's quick and tasty when homemade:

Poison Apple Punch

2 parts Spiced Apple Juice

1 part Ginger Beer

0.5 part Raspberry Syrup

Add all ingredients to a punch bowl and give a stir

Garnish with the discarded cinnamon and cloves from the Spiced Apple Juice, with sliced apples, or as you prefer

For the Spice Apple Juice:

1. Bring apple juice to a boil along with some cinnamon and whole cloves.

How much cinnamon and cloves? I wing it, but taking the advice of various mulled cider recipes, I’d start with 3 cinnamon sticks and about a teaspoon of whole cloves per half gallon (64 oz) of apple juice. Feel free to adjust depending on how spicy you like things. If it’s too spicy, just dilute with more apple juice. I really like Canela (Mexican Cinnamon) here.

2. Once the juice has reached a boil, cover it and remove from the heat until cooled.

For the Raspberry Syrup, cover fresh or thawed raspberries overnight with rich simple syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water). Strain the next day, keeping the liquid and find a good use for the solids.

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