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Louisiana culinary roots

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When I am exposed to different foods and people, I begin to see the links from different

cultures to Louisiana food. West African okra/okro stew and gumbo, Spanish Rosca

de Reyes and King Cake, West African Jollof and Jambalaya, Spanish empanadas

and Natchitoches Meat Pie. Chef John Folse talks about colonial/plantation/West African influence on Louisiana cuisine but is there a definitive guide to Louisiana's culinary roots.

I largely ask this because I have sometimes heard people in Louisiana blindly attribute everything to the French. And I am looking for explanations as opposed to statements on how foods traveled to Louisiana.

Also, speaking of the French. French cakes often avoid using pure wheat flour and instead substitute wheat flour with almond flour or something else. In Louisiana we have lots of pecan meal/flour that's basically sold as trash for $2/lb (almond flour is $40/lb). Is anyone out there using pecan meal to make cakes or marketing its use in cakes or other baked goods?

great loaves.

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