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GR @ Claridges- IPAD wine list and all

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Had a very nice lunch here yesterday, booked on friday, a table for 2 at 2pm, we arrived a little early so popped in the running horse pub 50 yards down the road,for a G&T, a very nice pub with a dining room on the first floor, I had a look at the menu and will definatly be returning at some point to sample

charcuterie, terrine, daube of beef, pear trifloe etc etc

Now to GR at claridges

A massive choice of menus, saturday lunch 5/5/5, ALC , tasting menu, we thought we would stay with the set lunch at £30 which was a good choice

Amuse- beetroot and goats cheese salad, with just a fork to eat it, a little tricky and not much to it, my pumpkin veloute saute mushrooms was a lot better good deep flavour.

Starters- The other half had Parsnip soup poured at the table on to a little roasted venison fillet, runner beans and caramelised baby onion, good deep flavour in the soup, very tasty dish, the soup here hence the different amuse bouches

I had a crab and beetroot salad, white and brown meat, again very pleasent, very large portion, 3 tians, am sure 2 would of been suffecient, accompannied with beetroot gastric and some creme fraiche

Main Courses- Pork belly with great crispy skin, and a lovely piece of braised cheek, red cabbage and mustard sauce, nothing new but faultlessly executed, just the right size portion

Salmon wrapped in air dried ham, girolle and basil risotto, lovely well seasoned piece of pink salmon, crispy ham, nice risotto, would not of minded a couple more girolles

Cheese as a supplement course to share, had 6 or 7 cheeses a mix of English and French, all in great condition, helped us finish a good rioja

Desserts- I had the Cinnamon creme brulee with sliced fig and strawberry sorbet, brulee was perfectly cooked, lovely texture, Cinnamon was far to strong for both of us and I imagine most people

Trio of mousses, dark and white chocolate and caramel, cut with a lime ice cream and served with warm chocolate madelines, a very nice way to finish the meal, simple but perfectly executed again

Coffee and petit fours, good coffee, horrible chocolate truffles with mint liquid centre

Overall a very good meal, great value at £30 per head, I have eaten in a lot of poorer 1 star places this year

I will be returning for dinner very soon

The wine list is now on an IPAD, which I was not really a fan of has anybody else experience this anywhere?


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Interesting to read you didn't particularly enjoy the whole ipad thing. As we are about to install a few at our place (but not as menu/wine lists more as reference material) can I ask what it was you didn't like about them . To be honest I'm a bit too excited about a new toy to be subjective at the moment!! So sensible comment about them would be good!


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