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Green Chicken Flesh! The horror!


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Ever been butchering a chicken only to find the little tenderloins beneath the breast have turned a sickly green color? And they have a mealy, cooked texture but no discernible odor? Ever been chopping up a chicken and then suddenly think, "My God! Zombie chicken flesh!"

No? Me neither, until a few minutes ago. A nice, free range bird (a regional brand from a hippie grocery store) that just happened to have NECROTIZED PECTORAL MUSCLES!!! I did a little searching around and found out it's called Oregon disease, which is nice, since I'm in Oregon. It sounds like most people come across it after eating through a roast chicken, so I'm glad I came across it before eating any of the bird, but still, in case you can't tell, I'm somewhat traumatized. I thought I'd share the horror and see if anyone else had come across such a thing. Here's some fun links about the disease:



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I believe this is the same condition I found once in my Christmas turkey. Cut into the tenderloin on one side and tapped in to what seemed like a sterile abscess. No odour, just a pocket of fluid and likely necrotized muscle. I assumed it had resulted from an immunization.

Put me right off eating it let me tell you!

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Well I luckily havent seen that yet...but,

I have occasionally gotten chicken breast that seemed overly firm when I butterfly them raw, like fibrous layers in the breast and they conversly feel soft when fully cooked. I have had both my husband and daughter spit out fully cooked chicken. (having already noticed something odd I told them to shut up and eat)

Last week boneless breast were on sale but they seemed to have striations that made me think they might have that weirdness

Any ideas?


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EWWWWWW....I too would have never known about this if it wasn't for this thread. I have had chicken that didn't smell right to me, even after cooking so I threw it out.


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