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Kitchen Aid ProLine

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So far, I've come up goose eggs.

I used this machine at a gig I had maybe 2 or so years ago and recently heard that it had given up up the ghost.

I never had a problem with it and I would say my pastry dept made, modestly, 15liters of ice cream and sorbet a week and the only thing we ever replaced was a gasket for the front seal.

As far as I can tellthis is a motor problem.

It doesn't start when you turn on, opened up, there is no electrical smell whatso ever.

There is just no torque to the the churner ( the dedesign is like a "Taylor B b 104" except of course nowhere near the capability.

Is anyonre familiar with the machine and either who does repairs (I'm in New Mexico) or can get a schematic to me?

Much appreciated!

Thank You!!!


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I have had one of these machines for many years since they were first offered.

It looks like a Hobart machine and is truly professional quality made in the USA unlike the other Pro-Line appliances.

I would first contact Kitchenaid and then Hobart. -Dick

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It's supossedly Italian made (!)but I see what you mean about the Hobart look.

Is there a fuse or something like that , aq reset, anywhere on the machine?

It seems I had to hit a reset once one time.

Kitchen Aid had been useless, ditto Whirlpool.

I'' just going to hit schematic net.

Thank you!

Ant info greatly appreciated!!!



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