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Help with mushroom barley soup

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I am making a huge batch of mushroom barley soup. At this point, the barley along with the veggies and mushrooms have been cooking down in butter. The pot is not big enough - and I need to transfer it. I still have to add flour and then the liquids. I have also run out of time. Do you think I can leave the soup at this point - and if so - can I leave it out in this pot for a few hours? Can I transfer it to a larger pot later and then tomorrow finish the cooking process? If so, must it be refrigerated???

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I would refrigerate what you have at this point. Tomorrow, I would either reheat what you have and continue. I would probably make the roux separately,then add water until you have a thin sauce, then add it with today's work to the bigger pot.

When you asked if you could leave it in the pot for a few hours, I assume you mean at room temperature. I would try to refrigerate it as soon as is possible, no longer than four hours.

By the way, I have never put flour in this soup. It usually comes out thick enough, sometimes too thick. Good luck.

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If you haven't added any liquids yet you should be fine with the vessel you have. (Barley would soak up water and expand)

You should refrigerate it in any case - barley can attract yeast spores in the air (mushroom beer)

The crucial action will be about the Roux (butter-flour binding agent): You either want to mix cold butter and flour with a hot liquid OR hot butter and flour with a cold liquid.

30g of roux binds about 1 Liter of liquid (1 ounce binds 1 quart of liquid)

Assuming you haven't added any liquid yet: Remember the amount of butter you put in (or strain it now and measure tomorrow), refrigerate it and go about whatever it is that is more important than mushroom barley soup.

Tomorrow: Mix flour with butter first, heat it then add cold liquid and stir until it binds. Add all other ingredients. Finish and season the soup. Relax.

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