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Penzey's Spices opening in Seattle

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I live in milwaukee and am just passing through but saw this.. Never been a fan of Penzys. Penzys started in Milwaukee and the parents let the kids take the business in two different directions. Bill Penzy started Penzy's and packages and warehouses spices and has stores all around the company...still better than mccormicks but not the way the parents did things nor anywhere as fresh as they could be.

Patty has stores in Milwaukee and Chicago but goes by the name the Spice House (also thespicehouse.com) the difference here is freshness. Patty dosent do much packing except at the store level of things that fly off the shelf. So when you order you order is usually fresh packed from bulk and much much fresher.

Penzys is great when you in a pinch or a rush but the better choice is always mail order from the spice house imho.

Don't take my word for it order some and buy some and do your own comparison.

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