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Uncle Ben's Whole Grain WHITE rice


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It's not really a ready-to-eat item so I thought I would post this in the Cooking-Ingredient forum.

Uncle Ben's brand rice has introduced a new whole grain white rice.

I'm a little confused as to how it has ended up as white rice. The ingredient list begins with:


I assumed any whole grain rice would be a brown rice. So is this a bleached brown rice then? Or am I just misunderstanding the concept of whole grain rice?

I am curious as to the flavor. I'm not a fan of brown rice (it tastes a little too much like oatmeal to me) but I do like white rice. And if this product tastes like white rice but has fiber then it sounds like a better product than just regular white rice.

And has anyone tried it?


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Tim Oliver

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My wife and I have been enjoying the relatively new Gen-Ji-Mai rice, available at all of our local SoCal Japanese grocery stores. Neither of us are brown rice fans, but this new type allows us to "feel" like we're being a bit healthier (am taking their health claims with a big grain of salt).

It's flavor does not approach that of brown rice -- it's just a bit nutty -- and the texture is pretty close to your typical short-grain white rice. In short, it's pretty good stuff!

I assume the Uncle Ben's uses the same exact milling process, and then just parboils the rice.

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