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Which coffee to use?


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Making a baileys cheesecake topped with a coffee jelly.

Recipe says:


* 1 heaped tsp powdered gelatine

* 150ml strong black coffee

* 2 tbsp caster sugar , to sweeten the coffee

What type of coffee should I use? Instant grandulated stuff or ground coffee? Obviously I want the best flavour so is it wise to use more expensive ground over cheaper granulated?

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I don't think bitterness and acidity are a problem in coffee desserts. In fact, I think some of both is necessary to stand up to sugar and dairy. The best coffee for drinking black isn't likely the best with gobs of cream and sugar.

Most of my experience is with coffee ice cream, but I think the same principles would apply to a component of cheesecake. I like a coffee with good body and prominent acidity, and generally one roasted a bit darker than what I'd like for drinking. Not an espresso roast, but somewhere between that and a medium or "new city" roast.

For ice cream I extract directly into the milk, but you can use water also. Proportions are about 20g coarsely ground coffee per 100g liquid. Heat the liquid to 190 to 195°F, pour over the coffee, and cover for 30 minutes. Strain through a chinois. The ensuing sludge is undrinkable, but the flavor is amazing and three-dimensional when diluted by other ingredients.

You can experiment with this general approach to get the strength right for your application.

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