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Chris Hennes

Oreo Cookies

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On 2/7/2019 at 2:45 PM, Toliver said:

Good idea to buy multiple packages....in case the zombies ever take over the world, you're set.:laugh:

My problem is I can't find the dark chocolate Oreos at my local Walmart grocery store. I have to go to Vons instead (meaning they're much more expensive) in order to buy them. #FirstWorldProblem.:hmmm::smile:


Keep checking your Walmart grocery for the dark chocolate Oreos, @Toliver.  Prodded by this thread, I found them at mine today.  Looks like they were a new add as there was no tag on the shelf so I didn't know the cost until I checked out -  $2.98.  They are indeed very good.  I usually like to try the flavors and then give the rest away but I'll be keeping these. 

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