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Coming to England May 2011

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We are in the first stages of planning a trip to England for next May. Nothing is written in stone yet, but we know that there will be a couple of days in London and then a road trip south and west with the POSSIBLES including: Oxford, Canterbury, Rye, Winchester, The New Forest, Bournemouth, Dorset (Chideock, Charmouth & Lyme Regis), Salisbury, Wells and definitely the Cotswolds. Once we get our itenirary more set, Ill be asking specific restaurant/food questions. But what Id LOVE right now is an email penpal or two. If you would be willing to answer non-food related questions and make suggestions please PM me and we can take the conversation off eGullet (so that we can stay on topic here).

EDITED TO SAY: That would be May 2011!

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Hi Kim

I see you're from my favourite state of the Union (have visited VA several times for holidays).

I live in north west England so don't have a local's perspective on the places you're thinking about but have recently spent a few days in Bournemouth and know the Rye area reasonably well from a food point of view.

Happy to try and answer any queries if I can.


John Hartley

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In Bournemouth, West Beach is in a beautiful location, food is decent, and I really liked The Print Room as well. If you're in the cotswolds, you really have to go to Le Champignon Sauvage in my dear hometown of Cheltenham, if you've got time then Lumiere is well worth a visit as well. I'll send you a PM as well.


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