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Chris Hennes

Epiphanie Chocolate featured on The Food Network blog

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    • By Arlene13
      Posted 1 hour ago My truffles are cracking and leaking even when dipped at room temperature. 
      I am so frustrated! Also some centres are too soft to dip unless chilled or frozen, suggestions? Also anyone have a good butterscotch truffle recipe with no icing sugar or cream cheese involved?
      thank you!
    • By BVWells
      I just wanted to thank Kerry, Steve (lebowits), Rob (gfron1) and Chocolot for taking the time out to answer so many of my questions. I haven't been working with chocolate for long and was running into a number of problems and they were so helpful. After following their advice and lots of practice I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things. Here are today's results. Waiting to be filled, but so far so good. Thank you again and hopefully I'll get to meet you guys at the workshop next year. By the way, there will be TONS of additional questions to come. lol

    • By eglies
      Hi everyone I am a new chocolatier. I would like to know if anyone sells their bonbons in malls or airports and if they do, do you keep them in a fridge for chocolates? I know that chocolate is very sensitive to temperature especially bonbons...or is the air-conditioning enough?
    • By eglies
      Hello I am a new chocolatier. I am calculating my costs to come up with a budget for my new business. I need help from you guys.
      if lets say a box of 12 bonbons costs me 4 dollars including raw material and packaging, how much should your sales price be? Also how much would you charge for wholesale, assuming margin is between 20-40%?
      How much is a reasonable labour cost per hour? 
    • By eglies
      Hello, I am a new chocolatier.  Any suggestions on new products or other sources of revenue one can create to increase business during warm weather? People dont really like to eat chocolate during very hot weather we have here. I need to think of ways that will not give me extra costs. Thanks for your feedback
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